Sunday, 20 July 2014

When the Angels Landed on the White House Lawn

When the angels landed on the White House lawn,
Politicians were revealed as demon spawn.
The hounds of Pwyll took them down to Arawn,
Things may be better now they have gone.

The marine saluted, as good Soldiers do,
Said,"Sir, you're welcome. Please come through.
Bring Leo and Perses, Sun-Runner too.
Since Father Washington died we've needed you.

To cleanse this land much blood must flow
On sinners standing here below.
The Bull of Heaven must freely bleed
So People may live by that Holy Seed.
The Blood of the Lamb did not suffice
America's still steeped in vice.
Fire and Firelord shall light the way,
Taurobolium begins this very day.
The Raven brought us your command,
All things needful are now at hand".

The Lad with the Cap bestrode the Bull
And Wall Street crashed as it felt his pull.
His knife in it's neck let forth it's life,
Fearful traders screamed, "less money, more strife!"

As from a Temple far away,
The Moneymen were driven that day.

The Banks, they tottered. Oh! The Banks, they fell.
No more were the People under their spell.
Too big to fail, too powerful to jail,
Yet all connected now feel the flail.

In New York city a statue stands
Greeting visitors from foreign lands.

A radiate crown rests on Liberty's brow,
That of Sol Invictus anyhow.
Return his crown, your tenure's passed
For in this land Liberty did not last.

Conceived in Liberty it may have been,
But choked on greed it's corpse is seen.

The sun runner stood as the Delphian had,
Would his race be good? Would his race be bad?
Yoked to the chariot he held four-in-hand,
Before these horses few could stand.
Their names were Famine and Plague and Death and War
Where their feet struck earth arose uproar.
His iron fist controlled them well,
else the horses he managed drove straight to hell.

When the angels landed on the White House lawn
They evicted the tenants whose time had flown.
'Your mandate's exceeded, your course is run.
Today give place to the Lord of the Sun.'

From the White House lawn came the Lion's roar,
To the Empyrean his Eagles soar.
Angra Mainyu had been dwelling here
The stench of his lies made that quite clear.

Conceived in Liberty, Deceived in Fear
Only self shackled slaves now cower here.
No heirs remain of the Sons of the Free
Liberty's too strenuous for such as thee.

When the angels landed on the White House lawn
Nature shimmered in the glorious morn.
The flowers appeared in joyful bloom
But the powerful knew they had met their doom.

Their spirits trembled as letters of fire
on their bodies wrote their deeds in ire.
Their guilty minds were seared by pain
Evasive tricks were all in vain.

Through the furnace walked the friends of God
In the furnace burned those guilty of fraud.
All the bloated egos fell to ash
As the contumacious felt the lash.

When the angels landed on the White House lawn
The Mechanical Messiah became stillborn.
The degree mills of Satan ceased to turn
And the secret projects were all undone.

When Babel's Tower to the heavens arose
And the gardens of paradise were disposed
He walked in the garden when He so chose
Til He was replaced by a book verbose.

When New York's towers fell in dust and flame
Empire's feet both fared the same.
Not to the stars will their pride go
But to destruction as all should know.

When the angels landed on the White House lawn
Celebrated anew was the Miracle Born
Birth cave and tomb the Sun renew
No feast of life from death eschew.

In Eleusis they drank the barley brew,
though the purple fungus was known to few.

The shamans quaffed what the reindeer staled
Seeking visions and journeys that seldom failed.

The little-great dactyls of Samothrace
Gave their initiates a sense of grace.

The red and white mushrooms were manna indeed
Entheogen to those in need.

When Elijah in the desert was by ravens fed
Prophecy issued from his Raven's Bread.

When the angels landed on the White House lawn
They were small but potent as they sang the dawn.

When the angels landed on the White House lawn
Unseen and unheard by the throbbing swarm.
The literal minded knew they were insane,
Circe's beasts they were and remain.

The battery beasts felt their burden eased
But Circe's beasts were not so pleased.
Work and shopping and a TV show
Was all the life they wished to know.

The Church of Progress, branches in every street,
Nicer people you couldn't hope to meet.
Such generous folk, giving all the dreams you can take;
Ignore that Buddha rudely roaring 'Awake!'

Things were running smoothly, life's a real sweet deal
Til that fool from Nepal put a spoke in the Wheel.
Ignore Awareness, get back to your Dream
Chase Progress and Success even if you're mean.

Progress means running in your hamster wheel,
The faster you go the more you can steal!
Other people's lives and money can be given away,
To be Progressive means you need never pay!

In dreamscape malls of waking day
They make their souls Medusa's prey.

The deadly head of stony mind
only in matter can meaning find.

Enchanted locks are all they see
Refracted through their own TV.

Of skies they know, of heavens none
A nuclear furnace they think the Sun.

Gods and angels they are out
by Science banished; but round about
come tales that make the scientists shout,
- of wars in heaven, space brethren fled
to heap Technology on Mankind's head.

When the angels landed on the White House lawn
The UFO fans were quite forlorn.
No messages of peace and love,
No gifts of even a plastic dove.

The minds of scientists shattered lay,
For the angels had come forth to slay.

They should have known - it was foretold,
T.S. Eliot had it cold:
'In the juvescence of the year came Christ - the Tiger.'

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